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March March March

Rolling into March and it feels just like that, I haven’t stopped marching. To Johns orders, kids orders, the house’s orders and the list goes on. Some times I would love for the music to stop for one minute of peace and quiet or at least run to the mall and watch a movie all by myself. Heaven forbid. No one ever quite prepares you for the totality of motherhood. (Or wifehood for that matter). I saw a funny thing the other day, one of these posters comparing wife going to bed and husband going to bed. On one side is the headline ‘wife going to bed’ and underneath it a list of about a dozen things she does before actually – Going. To. Bed. On the other side was ‘husband goes to bed’ and underneath it reads; husband goes to bed. It’s supposed to be funny and poking at the situation but in actual fact it made me quite depressed. Because it’s true. And no one ever acknowledges it other than in a lighthearted type joking manner.

So; “Heaven forbid one morning I wake up in a mood after being woken up seven times from a teething ten month old, or having a terrible night sleep for about four years in a row with a toddlers knees poking you in the back. Forget about taking a sleeping tablet just in case the kids need me and I don’t hear them. (Could there be anything worse?) So I am very sorry if I didn’t make you your fried eggs before sending you out the door in a cloud of love and devotion to go and play golf for the rest of the day. ”

And as you can tell I’m a little on edge. It’s amazing how many times we can find ourselves here. And yet us women have the amazing capacity so save ourselves. Over and over again. Where this inhuman strength comes from only the Lord knows, but what I do know is that countries should be run by women, and not men. Corporations and banks should be run by women and not men. In fact men really should just  step aside and let women take over. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we are perfect. But forgive me if I’m wrong but I don’t see women bombing the cr*p out of each other. Or hurting or kidnapping children. And as much as I love my darling spouse and this is not a rant on men everywhere, there are those occasional mornings where if I don’t do something constructive, like write a blog. I may just go and dump the golf clubs in the lake.

Happy Sunday y’all. 🙂

January’s Tune

January 2015 draws to a close with a few events. Tiddler has started her first year of ‘big’ school. Which she has taken to like a duck to water. Tiddler 2 is crawling about quicker than you can say ‘move the cat food’, and I have watched my new year’s resolutions fade into oblivion. But I’ve decided that’s okay because the kids are doing well, the house is coming along nicely and now things are kicking into some resemblance of a routine I can get back into finding renewed resolution energy.

Next week will kick off with a wave of healthy ‘Nutribullet’ concoctions. I’ve decided this is going to be my thing – drinking my vitamins. So I’m going to actually use all those bananas and blueberries I stash in the freezer and mix it up with all the green goodness that sits in my fridge that usually goes all limp and slimy because the cookies or something else sugar laced wins it into my mouth. Oops. This is not to say I don’t make the kiddos eat healthy. They have good food platters deluxe, making sure avocados, veggies, lean chicken and loads of fish top their daily menus while I generally just ‘pour’ my dinner. Next week though it wont come out of a bottle I have to uncork but from something resembling a large bullet!

I will also come out of exercise hiding and get a personal trainer to force me to squat, lunge and run about so that hopefully in a few months (goal – by my 34th birthday) I will be able to make it through an entire day without wanting to nap forever and maybe feel good in jeans again. (Okay the nap thing is probably a bit unrealistic).

So, along with dusting off the ‘ol typing skills and getting my blog out of early retirement, I’m going to make a proper go of getting healthy. Taking my vitamins, drinking my fun smoothies and juices (because I bought the rather expensive gadget) and exercising my poor dormant muscles. And now that I’ve made a pact with my blog,  it’s time to dance to January’s tune…

Happy New Year!

‘Gettin’ my blog back on’


It’s actually ironic, I started my blog in July and went MIA in July a year later, full circle. Now it’s a new year and from the line up it is promising to be a cracker! So gotta get documenting. The real reason for my blogging absence shall make itself known among blogs as I have to be true to myself in these digital pages. Also, I have a serious case of nesting syndrome – case in point: it’s 3a.m and all I can think about is reorganizing and cleaning my house – (I have just got back from a glorious month in Hong Kong so jet lag may also be the culprit). So as I sit here at this silly hour in the morning thinking about the day ahead and slightly apprehensive for my tiddlers first day back of for her second year at preschool, I thought what better time to awaken my typing skills. Also I will probably get in trouble if I start vacuuming.


So I am in my 24th week of my second pregnancy and everything is going really well. The tiddler is so excited to become a big sister and she is convinced there is a baby sister harboring away. As we don’t know the sex of the baby and wont until it makes its screaming appearance in May sometime, we casually throw in ‘what about a baby brother?.” Tiddler dismisses the brother comment with all the grace of a three year old and so I guess we shall see. Truth be told I am somewhat hoping for another girl. I never thought I would enjoy being the mother to a girl as much as I do and tiddler’s girly antics melt my tomboy heart. I did my best in the beginning to sway her towards ungirly fashion, dressing her in tracksuits and very neutral gear. Just to be clear I didn’t dress her in actual boys clothes but my sister did make ‘when is she going to wear a dress, she’s a girl you know’ our formal greeting. However tiddler with all her emerging personality traits along side a dose of fierce independence (and stubbornness), is the girliest little princess I know. Bar my sister. She owns a collection of tutus and tiaras a disney princess would be proud of and will not leave a shop without a frilly skirt should we come across one. And now tomorrow morning she starts her second year of preschool and I am so nervous all over again. I thought that being the second year I would have this down by now, but no. I am still nervous for her, which I shouldn’t be because, well she is awesome. But still, some of her little best friends from last year have moved on to big school and it has been a long summer break… Ok enough panicking.

So my head is spinning with all these exciting things ahead. I am not actually going to get much time to let my nesting syndrome kick into first gear as have so much to do. Aside from ‘getting my blog back on’, I have my in-laws coming over for three weeks beginning of February. My sister’s bachelorette party to plan practically single handedly, no small feat I can assure you plus the wedding is in March and I am the Maid Of Honor (MOH) so I will be busy busy busy. It’s the middle of summer and pregnancy plus heat do not mix well so everything I have to do automatically has an effort increase. Not to mention the business is in overdrive and my cleaning lady is incapable of cleaning apparently. And then we get to March the wedding month so can pretty much right that month off as being the MOH will be completely consumed with wedding splendidness and mayhem. I might have a little window in April to get my life organized for the new baby. Anyway with this little update I am going to post and try and get some sleep, the internet keeps crashing too so may lose this altogether so lets do a collaborative wish me luck…





Term 3 is here


On our way into the second last term of the year, and the tiddler is doing well. We are nearing the end of potty training and although I haven’t done the “drill-sergeant, be-trained-in-3-days” variety I’m pretty happy coming into our second week of dry nights! So, it’s going to be the ultimate test this week to see if she can go to school in little knickers and the success rate of that. Holidays started off quiet and a tad boring, keeping tiddler happy and entertained all day somewhat of a challenge. But being such an easy going little girl was actually nice having her home all day and enjoying the odd lazy morning, watching cartoons and eating breakfast in bed before the house work beckoned.

We had some fun turmeric and dust dramas; Turmeric drama was the tiddler getting into my spice drawer and conjuring up some magical concoction out of orange dust! Along with our main bedroom window being replaced I had some serious, heavy-duty cleaning action. The kitchen is safety gated, but little hands managed to fit through and my spice drawer that happens to be right next to the gate is too much of a temptation when my back turned. I thought she was awfully quiet prompting me to check on her. Parents know that noise is good, but they are up to something if the house goes quiet. The picture that awaited me was a ‘have to laugh otherwise you would scream’ moment of note. Especially as I actually don’t have any cleaning assistance of the human kind at the moment. The little darling was so proud of herself to be cooking like mummy that I had to document the moment for future reference once the ‘dust had settled’. Which brings me to the dust drama when the entire master bedroom and bathroom existed under a blanket of dust for a week. So we had a fun camp out in the tiddler’s room, sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The leak in the bathroom that flooded our downstairs neighbor’s kitchen eventually mended by uprooting every single tile in the bathroom. Anyway, I’m happy to report that the saga is over and our new window actually keeps out the cold, which is a good thing as winter I don’t think, has finished with Cape Town yet.

The last week of the school holiday saw the Jones’ packing frantically for a spontaneous four nights away up the garden route. We woke up on the Monday morning and practically decided on the spot to pack up and go. Especially as it was the last week and the weather was predicted better than what you can expect in summer-which it was. And what a fun time we had. Lots of family time, eating out and tiddler’s first official golfing experience, while following her daddy around the Pezula golf course for nine holes. The golf buggy she calls ‘the truck’ and to every person she saw happily exclaimed ‘I’m on holiday!’. She also saw elephants up close and personal, where she got to touch and feed them, and the little baby one she met who’s name is ‘Tato’ is now the name she gives to any ele she sees. It was bitter sweet to return home, as on the one hand we were very happy to see our tabby cat, Captain. (Who looked rather worse for ware having to fend the fort on his own). But very sad to leave such a gorgeous and comfortable holiday house. If only I could have some how towed that house home with me.


And now another week has kicked off and I’m getting my party planning head into action. I have the tiddler’s third birthday party to organize and am even getting a few maid-of-honor duties rolling. I also have a car full of a million different car seats to put the tiddler bottom into for review, so that is keeping me rather busy. I must say I am really enjoying the research side of using kid equipment and think I may have found a new obsession. Will have to have more kids so that I can stay in business! (Watch this space).



The last remnants of the bottle….




A work of art!






Renewed list enthusiasm.


Well we have been home 2 weeks today and things are getting back into a routine. I have almost got the house back to normal and am shifting the tiddlers room around to accommodate her big girl bed. Gone is the double bed and spare room vibe and now emerges the beginning of little girldom. Although getting her out of our bed and actually sleeping in her bed is going to be another palava altogether I’m sure. But it’s so nice to be home and have my things around me. I love reorganizing my cupboards and changing things around and most of all giving things a good ‘spring’ clean. The weather is perfect and it feels more like spring and not like we’re on the doorstep to winter.

The tiddler is back at play school and completed her first full week. Things have slotted back better than expected although there are the small hurdles as with anything new. And to the tiddler going back to school is going to be an adjustment. She isn’t talking much at school the teacher’s inform me and is prone to throwing the occasional screaming tantrum if she doesn’t get her own way so a few things to work on. I think maybe being an only child and spending so much time in adult company and so much time one-on-one with me could be a contributing factor. Unfortunately I don’t have many friends with children her age so she hasn’t had many playdates. Will have to keep an eye on developments.

I have been getting my last few weeks of autumn shopping lists done and am trying to get the family on somewhat of a health kick. Taking vitamins, drinking water and upping the fresh stuff and lean proteins. Some days are better or should I say easier than others. This week I’m taking grocery lists in the direction of lunches (my most uninspired meal of the day) and with a bit of pinterest influence try make more of a lunch effort. So my idea is to prepare loads of ready to grab things like chopped fruit and lots of easy to assemble salads. And then do things like wraps and mini stuffed pita breads.

I am also going to start reviewing the baby and toddler gear that I use. I have spent so much money trying out practically every sippy cup, bum cream, nappy etc not to mention baby appliance that I really want to keep an up-to-date list of prices and how I rate them for my records. Then next on my to do list is a blog on traveling with youngsters for future reference as honestly the trip back with tiddler was unbelievably easy and I think the travel prep had a lot to do with it and don’t want to forget my method. As with so many good ideas I’ve had in the past they seem to vanish without a trace (or should I say before I write it down on a list, ha ha) before I do anything about it. So I have returned home with renewed list enthusiasm and the motivation to check things off of them too!

I can actually check off something on my cleaning list of things to try and that is using a bounce fabric softener sheet on my skirting boards. Not only does the house smell amazing but it keeps them dust and cat hair free! Awesomeness. Unfortunately I can’t buy them in South Africa, but I brought a box back from Hong Kong. Which has lead to the birth of yet another book of lists: The things I can’t get in South Africa. This in theory should be quite a simple thing to compile, but as usual a bit of my OCD crept in and I’ve taken it a step further. Now I list the things I can’t get here, and certain things I can but also get overseas, and then cross reference the prices. So if someone comes over I can find out what I need and where it’s cheaper. Ta da. I’m going to stop now before my heart rate goes through the roof from all this list excitement.






Recap Part 2 – Honkerland

As usual the time seems to melt away into mornings and evenings as we enter the last week of our Hong Kong visit 2013. Nearly two months of Gee Gee taking care of the tiddler nitty gritty has given me a chance to recover my energy loss and personality, ha ha. I have managed to replenish my dwindling wardrobe and turned 32 almost gracefully. Being a mum makes birthdays so special in a way I can’t explain. The tiddler is still too young to know what is going on but with each birthday I share with her (3 now) I feel a sense of achievement that another year has passed without any noteworthy mishaps and quite the contrary, a thriving and well balanced 2 year and 7 month old. Raise your glass!

We have done a fare share of activities and nothingness so it has been a well balanced holiday. Incorporate ten days on a tropical island in the Philippines with pristine beaches beautiful hotels and perfect weather. Throw in any form of water sport for your scaredy cat such as myself or adrenaline nut like the rest of my family and the best fruit smoothies you pretty much have paradise on earth. We had a mini family reunion there to celebrate two land mark birthdays and obviously tiddler was in tow so technically wasn’t exactly paradise for me. Note to self; next time leave the tiddler at home. Passing two to three hours of the day in the hotel room while tiddler naps isn’t super duper fun. But on the plus side you do learn a lot about your hotel room, and traveling with a tiddler for that matter which I have become somewhat of an expert.

The tiddler is flourishing and is really becoming a super smart little soul. She can count to ten, knows her colors, chats up a storm and basically is the light of my life. I’m pretty sure she also knows how to work her iPad better than I do and by her fifth birthday I will be able to consult her if something happens to any of my iOS’s. She has also met her hero, Minnie Mouse on our second trip to Disneyland as our first date with Disney was rained out unfortunately. She held her own when she met Minnie and Mickey Mouse who must have looked like giants to her and not at all the cute little character size she is used to seeing on the television and in books. I was so proud of her when she gave Mickey a kiss on the nose and held Minnie’s hand without any qualms. In fact the trick was getting her away from their little pergola.

Super Girl

Tiddler’s Disney outfit, when worn is accompanied by an outstretched arm, fist pumped and a ‘to-didle-looo, super girl’.

The Mickey's

Mickey and Minnie from actual Disney Land.

It goes without saying we are heading into the next stage of tiddlerville whereby she is exercising her independence with gusto. I find each stage the tiddler goes through both exciting and challenging in its own way and this stage is no different. I am starting to see a little girl emerge from babydom. My most favorite development is one I have been eagerly awaiting: The Bedtime Story Stage! It has arrived and she can now sit through an entire short story book and I love that each and every bedtime a ‘storwee’ is requested. I know John is going to see a big difference in her when we get back home and back to reality. Speaking of home, somehow I am going to have to conjure up another suitcase as my OCD flared up in the form of shopping for tiddler accessories so I am going to have to lug a million items home. Luckily tiddler has graduated from the basinet to her own seat on the plane so weight wont be an issue, yippee!

And with that, let the last week festivities begin…




Recap part 1

Sorry dear blog, for ignoring you. My writing confidence took a knock so I have been keeping my blog old school style in the form of a diary. Technically I haven’t stopped writing I just haven’t been publishing. But I am getting my blog back-on, so to speak keeping sense of humor intact as I gather my strength to move past a bunch of emotional and mental hiccups. So many exciting things are in the air and I have to keep my promise by documenting them as they arise. We have a trilogy of ding-dongs (engagements) in the family, firstly being my sister who I dedicated my last blog to and then my darling cousin in Australia and finally – and I’m holding thumbs that not last (nor least) my BABY sister . So very exciting times ahead for our family and my pinning brain is spinning out of control. I also have to recap the past few months as the third month of the year is already underway.

A major highlight, was darling mother and Gee Gee – to the tiddler, surprised my sister and her fiance for their engagement party by flying all the way in from Hong Kong. We were whatsapping as usual when she casually asked me to make a few bookings for dress fittings between the dates of 18 and 28 February. My incredibly efficient and speedy brain automatically thinks ‘well, I’m not going to get on that in a hurry as it’s a year away and don’t want to look like a fool making such bookings madly in advance. Besides, my sister who is pedantic at the best of times (said in a loving way), is not going to leave something as important as her wedding dress search for February 2014 when the wedding is in March 2014. A few days later I’m laying awake in bed at some mad early hour when a little light bulb goes ‘click’ as I start going through dates in my head and that clever little penny drops causing waves of giddy excitement realizing that the 18th of February 2013 is next week! All I can say is “DUH!”

So basically it took my very slow brain to catch on, but it did eventually catch on and keeping that a secret from everyone was no small feat I can assure you as I’m well known as being the worst secret keeper ever. I accidentally told the tiddler as you do, and had to scurry out of Tam’s house the day before the surprise because tiddler kept saying “Gee gee, airplane”.  Thinking on my feet I chimed in, “No baby, Gam Gam flies the airplane” and leave in a flurry of mumbling excuses. Narrowly escaping catastrophe, phew.

The engagement party was lovely and the weather played ball. The surprise was beyond anything you can imagine as the disbelief in my sisters eyes when she saw our mum was for lack of a better word, priceless. Friends and family shared the most yummy of yum Greek food and bubbles where on high supply. They were showered with gifts that would make the budding interior designer green. Good times.

Fast forward to March and at the moment mums back in Honker land, and we have John’s parents in town for a few weeks, before Tiddler and I set sail (wing) for Honker land ourselves for nearly two months. Where I plan to rediscover my passion for blogging and take meal2meal to the next level. Watch this ever-increasing space. Also a land mark of magnitude is the tiddler has started play school and with a few little hurdles in the beginning is blossoming, and comes home with scribble on paper that I treasure more than my entire Bon Jovi collection.

And with that recap part 1 I shall close and endeavor to return to being a more diligent blogger. Lots of love. S

Ding Dong!


It’s 2013, good heavens and I haven’t blogged in yonks. In my head I’ve been blogging loads but the season ran away with me in all directions and sitting at my computer just wasn’t prioritized sadly. But away we go with a new year, new resolutions and new adventures to look forward to. Wedding bells are in the air, my darling sister got engaged over the December holidays which means I finally have something to apply my mad pinning skill towards. It is amazingly eye opening when you are actually faced with planning a real, live wedding at the enormity of it and now March 2014 seems just around the corner. So with all the catching up blogs I need to do I think a little wedding inspired blog is a great way to kick off 2013!


Firstly, planning a wedding is nuts. The decisions are endless from photographers, venues, guests, food, music, color schemes and the list goes on it can make your head spin. You have to decide if you’re going to go it alone with the help of dedicated comrades or if you bite the budget and hire someone to oversee your dreams from a clipboard. Knowing my sister she will pretty much plan the whole thing from the ground up and if my baby shower or brothers wedding is anything to go by then this wedding is going to be a wowser. So as a self confessed organize junkee and exceptional multi tasker (as well as the before mentioned ever valuable pinning skills) my sister can count on my services.

I personally would go super basic and rustic, with a very neutral color scheme of natural greens and forest browns, but that’s just me. And my sister and I are perfect opposites. So even though this little blog is dedicated to her upcoming nuptials I’m going to throw in a morsel of my own personal dreamscape.;

Flower is mason jars 4


Mason jars are my friend. Simple and effective (cost effective that is, ha ha)

Custom sign, a must


Needs no explanation!

Chloe dress


Tiddler dress, dream!

Lace dress 2




So now I’ve sorted all the important things such as dresses and color scheme, time for the fun little details that turn the day into something magical.


original chair ribbon

So unique, beats a simple chair cover.

Place setting


Simplicity. Absolutely adore the gold rim


And then lets add a touch of humor for good measure, because let’s face it, if there’s no laughter – what else you got?




Appetizers 1


Now that is darling, let us not forget a little bit of boy detail.

Dance slops


I will need a pair of these, thank you.


And so the list goes on. I could post picture upon picture upon picture, you get the idea. And with this in mind lets get 2013 rocking off to a great start.

Happy New Year




It has been a busy and very sad few weeks and to be honest I haven’t felt like blogging. Bad, I know but in my defense I knew if I did what would come out would probably only be depressing. So here I am instead, being terribly brave on probably what actually is, the saddest day of the year. My darling littlest sister is moving to Hong Kong for good. She has been my rock in respect to tiddler back up, someone I trust as much as myself with my most precious. So with a little (large) glass of delightful rose´by my side, I dedicate this blog to MY SISTERS:

You’re someone I can allow to see me at my worst. Because sometimes, my worst is censored per audience, but not when it comes to you.

You will always tell me the truth, even if it’s not what I want to hear, or an affirmation I need to hear for a truth I hold in my heart heart.

You girls’ can often start a sentence, burst into song or have the exact same look for a particular thought at the EXACT same time.

My sisters are my best friends, always have been, are and always will be.

My sisters are the first person I want to tell when something good/bad/funny/scary happens.

My sisters love me for who I am and for sometimes I don’t even see myself as.

My sisters are my back up, bodyguards and my wing-men.

My sister’s know my eccentricities and are the only ones allowed to laugh at them.

My sister’s are the only one’s that know how much I love Jon Bon Jovi.

My sister’s keep me sane when I lose the plot.

You put up with ‘just the right’ amount of my cr*p.

Fights between us don’t often last for long and we are miserable during and make-ups are generally fluid.

We want only the best for each other, aspirations, dreams, hopes and fears are as much part of us as if they were our own.


My sisters are angel humans and I adore them.


Bon Voyage little C chicken. Here’s to the next chapter in your life and no matter how far apart, will be a digital service away.

We will miss you every day and especially Monday and Tuesday’s, sometimes Wednesday, definitely Thursday, Friday’s will never be the same and Saturdays might be tough but oh man Sunday, well at least Monday will be, um, sniff…








So in the midst of being super busy with family visits and a routine backlash I have managed to check off some of my boxes on my ‘to do list’ and I encourage you all to do the same. It feels fabulous to have a number of things out of the way and my brain is working without the usual cobweb syndrome.

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to;


I have gone through the tiddler’s wardrobe; taken out what doesn’t fit, stained or has holes. Organized those clothes into piles for donating, keeping or passing onto friends and family. Brought the summer clothes to the front and piled ranges in newest to oldest of what needs to be worn first.

Went through all the tiddler’s toys, sorted into piles for keeping and donating. Cleaned and sterilized them all, and checked to make sure all the bits and pieces of ‘sets’ were still around otherwise those got chucked too.

Went through tiddler’s ‘grown out of’ clothes I am keeping and reorganized all of them into styles, color-cordinated and grouped them into large ziplock bags marked with their sizes.

Cooked up a storm of over a month supply of tiddler meals making sure they checked all the appropriate health boxes of low-sodium and fat, high fibre and incorporating the prerequisite portions from the food pyramid.

Organized several ziplock bags filled with indoor activities, art and craft project and various forms of entertainment for emergency rainy days, or a need to grab bag if we are going out in a hurry. In the same category stocked the car with an emergency pack of snacks, wipes and diapers in the unlikely event I am caught off guard.



Organized the dry goods cupboard again, and rotated all the tinned, boxed, and pasta goods into their best before dates so that the ones that expire first are in the front. Chucked anything expired and packed my containers into ‘baking goods’, ‘beans, pulses and pastas’ and ‘miscellanious’.

Organized the tiddler’s snack packs into ziplock bags for easy on-the-go grabbing.

Sterilized the washing machine and dishwasher with hot washes of vinegar.

Descaled the kettle.

Steam cleaned the oven and stove tops.

Updated the emergency aid kit, discarding anything expired or unlikely to be used. Replaced with all the medical aid essentials and printed off a list with emergency contact numbers, and our medical aid details, including anything we are allergic to.



Sorted through and backed up all our photos. Printed them onto cd’s grouped into year and genre, printed off the label and a picture of the theme for that cd. Then stacked them in their chronological order in lovely boxes to be shelved until called upon.

Sorted the Dvd’s into genres and then further alphabetized them.

Organized all the files and updated the filing.

Sorted through the book of manuals and instructions and filed them into their correct section e.g.; appliances, electronics, children’s etc and then matched them with their receipt  – should I have a warranty crisis I am sorted.



Recycled boxes no longer needed. This cleared a lot of space as I am usually reluctant to throw away any boxes.

Sorted through the shelves and chucked anything no longer needed, random or basically junk.

Gave everything a good dusting.


…. And then I woke up 🙂


Seriously though, I will get onto this list first thing next year when tiddler is school-bound and I have more then forty five minutes to myself. On a positive note I actually can tick off the first two things on the tiddler’s list, as whilst my mum was here we went through her clothes and toys. However the rate the tiddler grows by the time I get around to doing anything further down the list I will probably have to start from the beginning again. But still, it’s nice to dream a little and sure wish I could get this list done in real life.

Here’s to a good week y’all.